Sat 7 Apples title collage

Every year, we patiently wait for apple season.  We dream of apples, all shapes, sizes and colors.  We know that when the apples are crisp and ripe and heavy on the tree, fall is finally here.  And oh, the yummy things we can whip up and cook up with those apples!  Pies, cakes, breads, slaws and salads…  you name, we can do it!  It’s all so delicious- the patiently wait all year kind of delicious.

This week’s Saturday 7 is a collection celebrates that kind of deliciousness with 7 top apple recipes from some great Southern bloggers who have been waiting on apple season so they can share these gorgeous recipes with you. 

And since we’ve waited so long, I’ve included a bonus recipe- The Mamaw Cake (as readers have been calling it)  It is SO good and a fan favorite around here!  It’s everything apples this week!

Saturday Seven- Everything Apples!

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7 top apple recipes for you to enjoy! Say hello to fall with these 7 apple recipes- everything from muffins to cake to french toast to salads! #apple #applerecipes #cider #applepie #appleslaw #southerndiscourse