Christmas Eve Dips Collage
Every Christmas needs a party, no matter how big nor how small.

Christmas Eve is all about the dips and snacks for my family.  It’s kind of our tradition.  

For us, this tradition of Christmas Eve parties started a long time ago.  We would all gather at my mamaw’s house on Christmas Eve to decorate her tree.  We kids would dance around, unwrapping ornaments.  Mamaw would show us where to hang them while the grown ups browsed around her dining room table, piled high, buffet-style, with dips and finger foods, cookies, cakes and pies.  It was glorious.

While I haven’t kept the Christmas Eve tree decorating tradition (mine’s been up for weeks), the “eating of the snacks” has certainly stuck.  And to be honest, I think my family might like it better than Christmas dinner itself!

Just like 8 tiny reindeer who deliver Christmas cheer, here are 8 dips sure to deliver a little party to your Christmas Eve traditions.



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8 dips for Christmas parties and Christmas Eve celebrations.