Saturday 7 Cranberry Title

Nothing says the holidays like cranberries!  This tart red gem of a fruit can be stuffed in pork tenderloin, simmered in a crock pot as a cider, baked in a skillet with cheese and peppers, eaten for breakfast… and the list goes on!  There’s so much more to cranberries than just sauce (though I have a bang up recipe for that too).  You’re not going to believe your eyes or taste buds when you see this week’s festive Saturday Seven line up!  It’s your holiday guide to all things cranberries!


Saturday Seven- Cranberries During the Holidays

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Easy & delicious cranberry recipes to celebrate the holidays! Everything from hot cranberry cider to sauce to dips to pies, this is your complete guide to holiday cranberries! #southerndiscourse #cranberrysauce #cranberrydrink #breakfastcasserole #thanksgiving #christmas #compoundbutter