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There’s nothing quite like cooking in a cast iron skillet.  For many of us, our skillets and the recipes we craft in them have been passed down from one family member to the next.  We cherish them.  But not just because of where they came from, but also because of what they can do.

A good skillet is the quintessential work horse of any good Southern kitchen.  There’s nothing that can crisp, fry, bake, sear or saute quite like it.  And that’s just what you’ll find in this week’s Saturday Seven.  This week’s Seven showcases all that our treasured skillets can do and then some!  

So let’s fire up those skillets and enjoy delicious one dish meals, dinner pies, side dishes and desserts.

Don’t own a skillet, but would love to have one?  This one is my favorite!

Want to know more about how to care for your cast iron?  Here’s all you need to know!


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7 EASY cast iron skillet recipes your your oven or stove top. Get ready to make the most delicious skillet dinners, side dishes, and desserts! #skilletmeals #skilletcornbread #castiron