We’re not talking about pushing your fork around in a bowl full of lettuce. These 7 hearty dinner salads are full of proteins, nuts, berries and all of the good stuff, plus simple homemade dressings that won’t let you down. From pasta salads and greens to tacos and muffulettas, these salads make delicious meals guaranteed to never leave you hungry.

7 hearty dinner salads that won't leave you hungry.

Looking to add more of the good stuff to your regular menu? A seasonal dinner salad is the solution you’ve been looking for! No, I’m not talking about an endless bowl of lettuce. I’m talking hearty meals with plenty of crunch, loads of flavor, and satisfying proteins to keep you happy. There’s nothing boring or bland here. Only wonderfully bountiful and vibrant meals just waiting to be enjoyed.

These week’s Saturday Seven showcases 7 hearty dinner salads guaranteed to never leave you wanting more. Crisp veggies, sweet fruits, nuts, cheeses, proteins and more, these salads pack a whole meal into just one bowl!

Make just one or make them all, you’re sure to find favorites perfect for family dinners, to dish up at potlucks, or serve with classics like Cozy French Onion or Shortcut Potato Soup.

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7 hearty dinner salads guaranteed to never leave you hungry.  From pasta and greens to taco muffuletta, these salads are a satosfying meal.