Not everyone has space for a coffee bar, but this simple Coffee Station is perfect for counter tops, corner tables and coffee tables.  Best of all, it’s portable, so it can go where you need it!  It’s the perfect choice for the holidays.  Whether you’re having overnight guests, parties or a cozy afternoon with friends, this simple coffee tray makes sure everyone has just what they need right at their finger tips!

Coffee Station with basic coffee needs.

What You Need To Create a Coffee Station For Your Guests

  • Large tray
  • Coffee cups or mugs
  • Coffee creamer/ cream & sweeteners
  • Coffee stirrers
  • Hot chocolate/tea for those who don’t drink coffee
  • Little snacks & treats
  • Coasters or saucers
  • Napkins



A cozy cup of coffee with fall leaves and chocolate square.

Three things are for sure in life:  (1) We love some coffee at my house.  (2)  We think everyone should feel special and at home when visiting.  (3)  There’s no easier way to share some cozy hospitality than with a coffee station.  


Coffee stations are oh, so simple to put together even if you don’t have space for an official “coffee bar.”  All is takes is a simple tray placed on the counter top near your coffee maker or on the breakfast table or island if you’re serving overnight guests.  You could even place it on the coffee table for dinner or party guests.


Your coffee station makes it easy for sweet friends and family to make their morning, afternoon or after dinner cups just they way they like them without having to ask, “Where are your mugs?  Do you have any cream?  What about a spoon?”  Nothing makes a guest feel more out of place.


Coffee Station Cream & Sugar

With that in mind, filling your coffee station is simple- just anticipate what your friends and family might need as they make their favorite cup.  Do they like cream, sugar?  Flavored creamers?  Honey?


To make a coffee station, I like to start with a large tray and line the bottom with a pretty place mat or tea towel.  If it’s a holiday or seasonal event, I see if I can’t find something that celebrates that.  Next, I add mugs and some coasters (this lets guests know that it’s ok to set that mug down as long as there is something underneath it).  If I’m feeling fancy, I might use cups and saucers instead.  Oh, and always cute napkins.


Coffee Station Teas & Hot Chocolate

Next is the cream and sugar.  If you’re doing flavored creamers, the choices are endless.  But you don’t have to go wild.  I usually offer just one basic (Vanilla or Sweet Cream) and one seasonal.  The same goes for sweeteners- maybe a Stevia or raw sugar and the real deal.  If you’re using a Keurig, include some decaf cups.  Just a few comfortable options so that guests can find something that helps them feel at home.  And don’t forget coffee stirrers or spoons! 


Coffee Station Chocolate & Biscotti

Last but not least, don’t leave out the non coffee drinkers.  It’s nice to include some tea and/or hot chocolate with a kettle of hot water near by.  And there’s nothing wrong with a little treat or two in a well stocked coffee tray to amp up the special factor.



Portable Coffee Station for guests

You can never go wrong by showing a little love and letting your guests know that you’ve anticipated their visit by thinking about their needs!  And a well-planned coffee station is an easy, but thoughtful way to do just that.  


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