I will admit it.  I am a sucker for a good plaid bow tie.  And I have to ask what self-respecting southern woman isn’t?  I mean, one of the biggest unreconciled mysteries to this day is why didn’t Atticus Finch wear one?  He should have.  In my mind he does.  And why wouldn’t he?  Any true gentleman worth his salt owns at least one… or two.  And he knows how to tie it, which is no small feat in and of itself.  But he’s capable as well as dapper.  And that’s good because it’s just the way we like it.  That’s why a Bow Tie Party with a Toolbox Centerpiece is the perfect way to celebrate the men in your life.  Birthdays, Father’s Day, groomsmen parties, why not show your guys how much you care by putting together a little something that’s just for them.

Mason jars with bowties and wooden toolbox centerpiece

To get started, I grabbed some mason jar glasses and gathered up some bow ties.  Plaid is my gig, but stripes or polka dots would be fun too.  Mix and match is a must.  What’s even more fun, these ties make great gifts or party favors for everyone on your guest list.  Or maybe you want to gift your big guy with them all!  Now that’s the way to give a tie.

Blue plaid bowtie on a mason jar filled with untensils for a party.

orange and blue plaid bowtie around a mason jar on a blue and orange place setting for a party.

Now that we had the dapper part down, we needed to cover capable.  So, the second step was to put together a simple centerpiece that really complimented what we were trying to do, but also let our guys know how much we appreciated their handiness.  An old fashioned wooden toolbox was our obvious choice here.  

A table set with blue and orange plates stacked, mason jars ted with bowties, and a toolbox centerpiece filled with tools.

Wooden toolboxes are perfect centerpieces that can be used lots of ways for a variety of occasions. It almost one of those must-have pieces that every hostess needs in her closet. Gone are the days of the baskets, crates and wooden boxes have long taken their place.  And for this occasion, we didn’t have to look far for ways to fill it.  Dad’s toolbox offers a wealth of options.  

Toolbox centerpiece- a wooden toolbox filled with tools in mason jars.

One thing that I always find really neat about tools is how colorful they are.  I am a huge fan of bright punches of color for setting the party mood, and those practical tools offer something in every shade of blue, red, yellow, green, and black.  To make my centerpiece, I just raided Mr. ASD’s toolbox.  But if the one you’re celebrating is needing some new tools, your centerpiece can double as a gift too!

Bowities on mason jars and toolbox centerpiece.

A Bow Tie Party with a Toolbox Centerpiece is a fun, but easy way to put together something really special just for those guys in our lives who help make our world go ’round, as well as give them some gifts we know they’ll love.  It’s not often that we get to say thanks for all they do.  So when the opportunity comes around, we definitely should make the most of it.


Need some help putting together a Bow Tie Party with a Toolbox Centerpiece?  These are just what you need!

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