Summer is all about time on the patio, slow evenings, and enjoying time with family and friends.  And while you still want those moments to be punctuated with all the special foods and drinks that draw people together, there is not a one of us who wants to spend their time in a hot kitchen putting that together.  That’s why simple no-bake desserts like this Mason Jar Blueberry Lemon Lush are not just nice to be able to whip up, they are foundational elements of any sane Southerner’s summer survival kit!

# mason jars with vanilla wafer cookies, lemon yogurt, and blueberry pie filling layered in them. Blueberry lemon lush

Now, let’s talk lushes for a minute.  You knew we were going to have to.  So let’s clear the air.  A lush covers a whole category of dreamy desserts that you and I have come to absolutely adore.  They often masquerade at church picnics under cute names like 4 Layer Delight, Layered Pudding Dessert, or _____ Lasagna.  Sometimes they have bit more racy names (because, you know, lush isn’t likely to raise any eyebrows on it’s own).  And those are never mentioned at the church potluck.

3 blueberry lemon dessert parfaits with 6 layers of blueberry pie filling, whipped lemon yogurt and vanilla cookies.

But before we get carried away, the basic innocent lush simply consists of a cookie, shortbread or graham cracker crust, 2 pudding or pudding-type layers, and a cool whip or whipped cream top layer.  It can be fruit-filled or layered with rich mousses, creams, or custards.  The possibilities are endless, and all are absolutely… well, just downright luscious!

What You Need For This Mason Jar Blueberry Lemon Lush

  • Lemon yogurt
  • Cool Whip or whipped cream
  • Blueberry pie filling
  • Vanilla wafer cookies
  • Mint leaves for garnish

Let’s Get Started:

Lushes can be put together in almost any dish.  They are almost always layered in glass dishes to show off their fabulous striations. I decided to divvy up this layered blueberry lemon dessert in mason jars for just a little bit of extra fun.  I mean, for real, who doesn’t love little individual desserts that were made just for you?  Not to mention, in little jars, this parfait of summer bliss is easily transportable and becomes a prime choice for picnic outings or even fun little gifts!

Lemon yogurt and cool whip folded together to make the first creamy layer of this blueberry lemon lush.

This simple recipe starts with equal parts lemon yogurt and Cool Whip or sweetened whipped cream folded together to make our heavenly “pudding layer.”

Crushed vanilla wafer cookies in mason jars as the base layer for this lemon blueberry lush.

Vanilla wafer cookies are crumbled for our “crust” layer.  It’s hard for me not to say, “Forget the dessert!  Let’s just eat cookies dipped in pudding and pie filling!” at this point.  But we have to focus.  Mason jar pretties have to be made.  And waiting is good.  Or so I hear.

A spoonful of this no-bake blueberry lemon dessert.

After the those cookies go in the jars, it’s time for layering in some of that delight we’ve been talking about!  Cookies, whipped lemon yogurt, blueberry pie filling.  Rinse and repeat.  When your jars are full, top with a little Cool Whip, a cookie and mint sprig for garnish.  A few fresh blueberries would be a nice touch too! 

However you decide to top off your jars, is up to you.  But one thing is for sure.  You’re summer ready now.  So bring on that southern heat.  Your summer hostess game just got layers better!  

3 finished blueberry lemon lushes layered with blueberry pie filling, whipped lemon yogurt, and vanilla cookies topped with whipped cream and mint leaves.

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Things You Might Need To Turn These Mason Jar Desserts Into Gifts!

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Mason Jar Blueberry Lemon Lush
Yields 6
An easy no-bake summer dessert that is great for picnics or gifts.
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Prep Time
15 min
Total Time
15 min
Prep Time
15 min
Total Time
15 min
  1. 5-6 oz lemon yogurt
  2. 12 oz Cool Whip
  3. 14 oz can blueberry pie filling
  4. 18 vanilla wafer cookies, crumbled
  5. 6 whole vanilla wafer cookies
  1. In a medium mixing bowl, fold lemon yogurt and 6 oz. Cool Whip together. Set aside the rest of the cool whip for topping
  2. Crumble 2-3 vanilla cookies and place in the bottom of jar. Repeat for each jar.
  3. Spoon one spoonful lemon yogurt mixture over cookies.
  4. Spoon one spoonful blueberry pie filling over lemon yogurt mixture.
  5. Repeat layers one more time.
  6. Top with Cool Whip. Garnish with whole cookie and mint leaves, if desired.
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