Wrapped in the magic of curly ribbon and sparkly lights, the Christmas holiday just beckons to be enjoyed with brunch. More of an experience than a meal, a good Yuletide brunch exists in that in-between place that conjures up images of leisurely time spent taking in the world at your own pace.

Christmas Brunch is a special time.Why You Should Host a Chrismtas Brunch
Yes, a Christmas brunch calls for us to slow down. To savor a little. To relax. A portmanteau of breakfast and lunch, we enjoy brunch whenever we like. Without any hustle or bustle. No getting up and hurrying about. And because of that, brunch is like a little Christmas gift in and of itself.

Recipes for Christmas Brunch
Hosting a Christmas brunch should be as enjoyable as being invited to one. Your menu choices don’t have to be fussy or fancy. But they should always be indulgent. Serve both savory and sweet, casseroles and finger foods. Breads, muffins, eggs, sliced meats, fruits, and a vegetable or two probably should make an appearance. Try to pull classic choices from both the lunch and breakfast spectrums. Your menu should be made up of a variety of versatile dishes that your guests like best. One of the best things about brunch is that it has a little of something that everyone can pick and choose from.

Christmas Brunch ideas
While the brunch menu offers a lot of latitude, a Christmas brunch’s presentation does come with some expectations. Remember, brunch is an experience. So, take a minute to create the atmosphere. This is no place for Styrofoam plates and plastic forks. You are a southern gal, for Heaven sakes. Most brunches are served buffet style, but that shouldn’t keep you from pulling out your nice dinnerware, real napkins, and maybe a stem or two. Even the humble pig in a blanket gets an extra dose of holiday spirit when served on real dishes with festive flare.

Why you should host a Christmas Brunch

A Southern Christmas Brunch
A proper Christmas brunch is time well spent in a busy season that will have most of us on the run more than we’d like to admit. Even a simple brunch has a way of becoming something remarkable when surrounded by family and friends, filled with laughter and ease, and served up with a full helping of generous hospitality. And thank goodness those are things we’re never in short supply of here in the South, especially during Christmas.

Wondering What to Serve? Try These 10 Southern Discourse Brunch Favorites!


Brunch Recipes

Egg Nog French Toast Casserole with Cranberry Pecan Topping


Christmas Brunch Recipes

Bourbon Maple Candied Bacon


Shrimp & Grits for Brunch

Smoked Gouda Cheese Grits & BBQ Shrimp


Dishing up spiced caramel apple cider into copper mugs to enjoy.

Spiced Caramel Apple Cider in the Crockpot


Meat Pies for Brunch

Mini Natchitoches Meat Pies: A Louisiana Tradition


A cobblestone apple muffin fresh from the oven in bakery paper.

Apple Cobblestone Muffins


Diced apples, cheddar cheese, celery and walnuts combine to make a simple salad.

Apple, Cheese, Celery Salad


Simple Lyonnaise Potatoes are simply skillet fried potatoes and sweet onions.

Lyonnaise Potatoes- Skillet Potatoes & Sweet Onions


Overhead view of 2 cups Grapefruit Punchof ruby

Ruby Grapefruit Punch


A slice of dark chocolate layer cake with a fork

Double Chocolate Layer Cake with White Chocolate Buttercream


Southern Discourse Picks for Setting the Table & Serving Brunch

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