This week’s Saturday Seven is all about deliciously easy Christmas treats to make & give!  Everyone loves a homemade goody during the holiday season.  And there’s no end to the list of those we can celebrate and thank.  Teachers, neighbors, pastors, our mail person, service people we rely on, friends, even family members all relish wonderfully thoughtful & tasty gifts they can enjoy.  You’re sure to find 2, 3, or 5 snacks here that are perfect for giving or maybe even keeping!  And that’s okay too.  Everybody needs a little Christmas snack.  Even you!


Saturday Seven- Christmas Treats & Snacks to Give

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7 easy, delicious Christmas snacks and treats to give as gifts or as party favors! Perfect for get togethers or just munching while you watch a Christmas movie! #christmasgoody #popcorn #snackmix