Because I have enough… Graciousness and hospitality are forever intertwined since it is quite impossible to practice one without the other.  More than Thanksgiving table place settings, décor, or even good food, a hostess is defined by her graciousness… or sometimes, unfortunately, her lack of it.  So just what does it mean to be gracious and how can we all practice a little more graciousness this holiday season?    We can begin by knowing that we have enough, enough of the things that really count.  A gracious host or hostess is marked by a kindness that is grounded in the respect she has for her guests.  She is known for her thoughtfulness and her generous, cheerful spirit.  Her inclusive tendencies make each of her guests feel warm and welcome.   A good hostess is able to be gracious because she knows that God has dealt generously with her and she has enough of the things that matter- enough compassion, enough forgiveness, enough selflessness, enough joy.   Because of His abundance, her “character bank” is never empty.  She has enough to make plenty of withdrawals.  And so she does, giving freely, joyously, and without holding anything back. From guest to hostess, let’s purpose to make this Thanksgiving our most gracious yet. 

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Thanksgiving tablescape ideas for family or friendsgiving. A warm and gracious table setting that is both traditional and casual. Plus, what it means to be a gracious Thanksgiving hostess.

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