When I was little, fall was my least favorite season.  I know, I know.  How can that even be, right?  But I used to tell my mom that fall meant that everything was “browning down.”  And, in my mind, brown translated to drab, dull, and, more times than not, just downright dead. SONY DSC

And to be fair, sometimes autumn in the south can be tough.  There are those years when the month of September and most of October is so hot, we wonder if summer even really left us at all.  We sweat through our football games, think twice about putting our pumpkins out, and worry about whether or not things really will dry up and turn brown before we get to catch any glimpse of fall at all.SONY DSC

But fret or not, our southern autumn always shows up every year, in its own time and in its own way.  And every year, upon her arrival, I learn all over again that there is more than just brown on the autumnal palette.SONY DSC

And the miracle is that even on those hot, dry days of September and October, before fall decides to make her elusive presence fully known, she is already there.  In an unexpected cool morning.  In the yellow of goldenrod.  In our longing to linger together in the golden evenings, on the porch, at a table like this one, surrounded by sweet laughter and even better friends.  

3 Tips to Create an Inviting and Natural Fall Table in Early Autumn.


1) Sometimes other elements can create the feel of fall for you if your leaves haven’t turned yet. (See my green leaves in the background there?) Seasonal fruit sporting fall colors, grapevine, plaid or fringed throws, fall themed teapots, an acorn topped finial, and fall colored books all create the sense of fall.


2) Look for early signs of fall. Scarlet Sumac, Goldenrod, and Sweet Gum all are early autumn representatives. Sumac and Sweet Gum often turn long before other trees do. Throw some green leaves in there too. Reflecting the transition of the season is more natural and appealing than pretending that the weather and the season is something that it isn’t.


3) It is the rich textures and vibrant colors of fall that make it so special. Look for natural elements, as well as, linens and accents that are rich in texture and saturated hues to bring a little of what we love so much about this season to your tables.

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