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Do you have your coffee cup? I do!

It’s piping hot and filled with my favorite brew, not to mention topped with a little dark mocha pumpkin creamer.  I’m doing all I can to hang on to what’s left of fall!  How about you?

I can’t believe how fast October and most of November have already flown by!  We’ve been busy, busy.  And while we do enjoy having full schedules around here, the vanishing calendar is good reminder to slow down a bit and make a point to savor a moment, an afternoon, a day or two every week.  It’s those times when we choose to really be present instead of busy that make up our memories.  What memories will we choose to take with from this week?

Hopefully, our Coffee Break will be a moment that you slow down!  We’ve got some great stuff to share together.  Encouragement about what “having friends” really means (so important during the busy holiday season), a lovely Thanksgiving table setting, and a deliciously, moist sweet potato pound cake are all great reasons to take a time out on a Monday to start the week off right!


Grab your cup and let’s go!


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Thanks for stopping by & taking a break with me!

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Every week at, we start the week with Biblical encouragement, home & hospitality inspiration & a feature recipe! This week's coffee break features a deliciously moist sweet potato pound cake, encouragement about what it really means to "have friends and a gorgeous Thanksgiving table!   #southerndiscourse #coffeebreak


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