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Do you have your coffee cup? I do!

This Monday has taken off like a shot and the week right with it.  Wow!  I’m thinking if I blink, I just might miss it!  Some weeks are just like that, right?

And even though the to-do list is long (and maybe a bit scary, yikes!), there’s nothing that sets my week in the right kind of motion like spending a few minutes with you during a Monday Coffee Break.  Monday Coffee Breaks tie all goes on at A Southern Discourse together in a Proverbs 31 package– a little Biblical encouragement, ways we can extend hospitality and care for our homes and some delicious food to nourish our families and the most important ingredient- you! We’ve got a lot to do this week, but never too much that we can’t focus on what’s really important!

So why waste anymore time?  Let’s grab a cup and jump right in!


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Monday Coffee Break, a weekly series full of Biblical encouragement, inspiration for easy hospitality and delicious recipes to help us live our lives Proverbs 31 strong. This week's Coffee Break features insight into ways we might be overparenting & how that hinders the growth of our children's faith, simple ways to get your home fall ready & a delicious cornbread & squash dressing. #southerndiscourse #parenting #falldecor #cornbreaddressing