This week boasts that long-awaited, highly anticipated first day of fall everyone has been talking about!  And as usual here in the south, Mother Nature isn’t quite cooperating.  But that’s ok.  Because even though today might have us sweltering and sweating, tomorrow could have us cooking chili and thinking about bonfires.  Such is the fickle way of that golden painted lady, our southern Autumn. 

But ready or not, Madame Fall, we’re taking this week to get our houses in order, to get ready for those falling leaves, cooler temps, football weekends, and county fairs!  We’ve waited long enough!

And to get things started, I’ve got 5 easy ways to make your home fall ready in a snap.  These simple fall decor ideas won’t break the bank or take hours to put together.  They are just little touches you can add here and there to help your little ol’ abode feel more cozy and welcoming this season.

Grab a Fall Mug or Two

A new mug is an easy fall decor idea to cozy up your home.

A new mug is an easy fall decor idea to cozy up your home.  Grab some fall treats and your favorite fall creamers and you’re already halfway to October and hoodies.

A fall mug, seasonal treats, and coffee creamers are all sure ways to get ready for autumn.

Fall creamers and treats don’t have to be pumpkin flavored if that’s not your thing.  Some of my favorite seasonal treats are snickerdoodles and salted caramel.

Fluff Those Pillows and Throws

Nothing says cozy fall decor like a couple of throw pillows and comfy blankets.  Only a spot or two in the house needs a seasonal pillow and/or throw.  No need to go overboard here.  Just cozy up your favorite spots.  Jewel tones and plaids make great nods to the naturally rich, saturated colors of the season.

5 Fall Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Fall Ready

Fire Up Those Fall Candles

The power of smell can evoke memory and prompt relaxation.  Adding the warmth of fall scents to your home is one of the best ways to acknowledge that autumn has arrived.  The flicker of the flame and wafts of seasonal aromas are fundamental elements to any good fall decor.  Not a fan of cinnamon and spice?  Try earthy scents like Warm Tobacco Pipe for that perfect hint of fall in the air.

The flicker of the flame and wafts of cinnamon and spice are fundamental to any good fall decor idea.

Display Season Kitchen Towels & A Simple Centerpiece

Kitchen towels aren’t only utilitarian; they’re also accessories.  So show them off!  Display seasonal tea towels or dish towels to add a bit of fall decor to your kitchen.  With the variety of options available, you’re sure to find something that blends with the style of your kitchen.

Seasonal tea towels and dish towels are easy ways to add a bit of fall decor to your kitchen.

A quick centerpiece on your dining table, breakfast table, or work island is one of those givens when it comes to fall decor.  Don’t worry about creating complicated arrangements or getting fussy.  Simply group together a few of your fall favorites at varying heights to create a little interest.  Placing those favorites in a tray anchors your grouping and gives it a sense of unity.

A simple centerpiece composed of some of your fall favorites is a must for any fall decor.

Spruce Up Your Entryway

There is no better way to welcome friends and family than by letting them know that you are ready for the season at hand.  Adding a touch of autumn to your entry way is easy.  Add a new mat to your front door or simply freshen the one you have now.  A cheery hello will let your guests know of the warm welcome they can expect to receive inside.

A new welcome mat is a great way to add oa touch of fall to your front door.

A wreath or door hanger is everyone’s go-to for a fall greeting at the front door.  Don’t miss this quick and easy chance to make a big fall statement.  In addition to the front door, think about adding wreaths to garden gates or other entry points to your home.

Wreaths on garden gates, front doors, and even back doors are a great way to say you are ready for fall.

Getting your home ready for fall doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.  Focus on adding these little touches to just a few areas of your home.  You probably don’t even have to spend any money to make it happen either.  Sometimes moving a pillow from one room to another or getting that throw from the closet is all that is really needed.  Besides, the best decorated spaces are those that simply bring you joy. 

5 Simple Fall Decor Tips To Get Your Home Ready For The Season


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