As a new year begins, it is always fun to take just a minute and look back over the past year, to reflect on the things that got you where you are today.  And it’s no different here at ASD.  I love to take a look back with you at the recipes, table settings, and bits of encouragement and inspiration you loved best as I dream about all the things we are going to do together this year.

There are always some surprises, but not many.  We always seem to love the same things!  Plus, this summer you gave me some great feedback on the Southern Discourse Reader Survey that let me know you wanted more food and more hospitality, all wrapped up in the faith that fuels our way of life. 

So without further ado, here is your top 10 posts from 2017!  As you revisit these old favorites, don’t forget to share them with someone who you think might love them too.  And always, thank you for being the best readers around.


10. Derby Day at The Dixie

My absolute favorite event of the year.  Steeped in the tradition of the Kentucky Derby, this is the closest thing you’ll get to the real deal this side of the state line.

9. Mamaw’s Fresh Apple Cake

A handed-down recipe my grandmother used to make, you all loved this old southern recipe as much as my family does!

8. Bourbon Maple Candied Bacon

One of the biggest hits at Derby Day at The Dixie, the sticky sweet candied bacon with a kick is perfect for any party.

7.  A Christmas Table to Spread JOY

This table setting turned out to be an all around favorite this year- fun, colorful, plus the 3 things I’ve learned about true JOY!

6.  Collard Greens & Pizza: It Might Be Just What We Need

A long-running favorite here at ASD that highlights a great recipe for a unique southern style pizza and something more.  Sometimes food is like friendship…

5. No Fuss, All Fun Popcorn Bar

This simple way to entertain is always a hit with kids and adults alike!  Plus, it is easy on the hostess.  Did someone say ‘great super bowl idea’?

4.  Southern Salted Caramel Cake

This new take on a southern beauty was a true showstopper this fall.  As always, Amber Hussey from Divine Desserts does not disappoint!

A delicious take on the traditional southern dessert - caramel cake. Perfect holiday dessert or Thanksgiving dessert.

3.  Old Fashioned Coconut Ice Box Cake

Cakes were a big hit this year!  And this coconut ice box cake was no exception, proving that once again that with a few special ingredients even a box cake mix can shine.

2.  Southern Cottage Pie: Comfort Food At Its Best

This family style supper recipe is a true comfort food favorite!  Meat, potatoes, and a homemade cheese sauce fill this two crust wonder!

1. The Mini Natchitoches Meat Pie

Who knew meat pies would win the year by securing both the #1 and #2 spots?! This hor d’oeuvre-sized hand pie is a Louisiana staple and can be found on the official state menu for North Louisiana.

Cakes, meat pies, friendship, and big hats!  Oh my!  You truly know what makes this gal’s heart sing!  I hope you enjoyed your top 10 from 2017.  I can’t wait to see what we cook up together in 2018!