This is a sponsored post, created in conjunction with one of ASD’s wonderful partners, M&M Event Rentals.

While everyone is talking football playoffs and championship games, let’s you and I talk pretty.  Recently, I got together with the creative gals over at M&M Event Rentals to talk wedding and party tables. 

You might think, “Well, I don’t have a wedding, anniversary, or fancy party in my future.”  But inspiration for a new centerpiece, an arrangement in the entryway to meet your guests as they come in, colors you might like to use, or anything to make your home more enjoyable for you every day can come from anywhere.  So, don’t bounce just yet.

Besides, pretty things!  And these pretty things include a bit of gold and sparkle.  Yes! Not to mention a veritable showcase of the luxe and abundance that winter can offer.

And that right there is something to consider.  Abundance in winter?!

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of winter.  On the surface, it seems drab and dreary, without much to offer.  When one thinks winter, bounty is not usually a word that springs to mind.  Hibernate, yes.  Bounty, not so much.And that’s why we use ‘winter’ to describe any season- emotional, spiritual, relational- that doesn’t produce any fruit.

But there’s always hidden fruit-benefits that grow from a time of dormancy… 

If we take the time to look.And looking for winter’s bounty is exactly the way to get the most out those seemingly fruitless times.  It’s also the trick to creating a cozy, inviting, and even luxurious, or special feel, to any winter table or occasion.

Add a bit of warmth and richness with jewel tones.  Use a bit of sparkle and gold to mirror the crackle and pop of a fire.  And don’t forget about pomegranates, winter cabbages, seed pods, and other fruits to bring out the hidden beauty of winter.

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