Call me silly, but there’s just something romantic about a cheese board. Not any ol’ cheese board, mind you. But one done right. Maybe because, when done right, it a can bring to mind words like “indulgent” or “sumptuous.” Maybe even “extravagant.” 

And it’s something that you share. It’s not a “my plate, your plate” kind of thing or a “let’s eat across the table from one another” deal.  A cheese board is something that you eat together… with your hands. A picnic and intricate smorgasbord all in one.

It’s tactile. It’s vibrant with color and texture. And piled high with fruits, chocolates, herbs, honeys and/or jams, it’s wonderfully aromatic. It can be downright dazzling to the senses to say the least. Some might say that we’re knocking on the door of sensual here. And when all that decadence has been prepared just for you, you start to feel a little spoiled.

But before we get too carried away, let’s not forget the most important thing- FUN. For real. Especially, you think you don’t like or might not like a lot of different fancy cheeses. Prepared with care, a good cheese board is like a little culinary adventure. You and your honey trying a nibble or two of new things together and washing it all down with chocolate and jam.

It’s hard not to laugh when it’s awful. And it’s awfully delightful when one or both of you discover something new that you like. There are endless combinations- “Try the gouda with the apple… dip it in the honey!”

So let’s talk well-prepared, romantic cheese board. It’s really not that hard at all. Start with some basic crackers that you both like. I happen to really like Wheat Thins, while The Engineer is a fan of anything multi-grain or with seeds. Also a bit of lovely bread is a nice touch.

Then build with fruits that you both like. Seedless grapes are pretty standard fare with cheese. I like purple. He likes green. Apples are a safe bet too. For this romantic cheese board, I halved a pomegranate because it is a symbol of plenty and just looks downright gorgeous and added some kumquats. Neither of us had had the latter before and since trying something new is part of this adventure…

Now, it’s time to think cheese. Always start with some safe bets first. You don’t have to go all in if you aren’t sure that you even like different cheeses. It’s only fun when you have plenty to eat that you enjoy and just a few things to be adventurous with. If you’re feeling some cubes of cheddar, go for it! We like an herbed soft cheese, a spicy pepper jack, and solid farmhouse standard.

There are some sites that will talk about paring cheeses with certain fruits. And while there is merit in that, the point here is just to include things you like with a few new things to enjoy without getting too technical and making it too hard.

Now, it’s time to accessorize this spread. And by accessorize, I mean add bits of dark and/or milk chocolate. I added dark chocolate covered pretzels and some spicy dark chocolate snack mix. You could also add the squares of chocolate bars that you love and a handful of nuts here or there.

Don’t forget a little jam. Pepper jams are perfect pairings for cheeses. Layered on crackers or bread with cheese, fruit and/or a summer sausage, a good fruit spread is hard to beat. This board sports a spicy blackberry jalapeño jam and a tiny jar of fig preserves. I know, I tend to get a bit froofy, or “extra” as my kids say, but what can I say? I gotta do me, and you gotta do you.  So if you are thinking strawberry jam is about as wild as you want to get, you go for it.After all, your romantic cheese board is all about you and what you like or think you might like and having a good time trying it all with that special someone you love.

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A cheese board can be romantic, espcially if you think you might not like a lot of fancy cheeses! This easy how-to walks you through how to create a fun and romantic cheese board to experience with the one you love.

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