Coffee Break #63 Title Collage


Do you have your coffee cup? I do!

This is our very first Coffee Break together for 2020, and I am so excited to share your Monday with you.  If you’re new to Monday Coffee Break, you should know that Southern Discourse is so much more than  just a food blog. 

We celebrate ALL those things that go into making moments around the table special- hospitality, a full soul, as well as a full plate!  It’s all about creating shared moments that inspire conversation and connection.

Monday Coffee Breaks are the perfect time to bring all that Southern Discourse is about together in one grand shared moment.  A moment that encourages us to make the most of the upcoming week, its challenges, its rewards and everything in between!

This week’s Break is all about being expectant, creating a cozy coffee bar and a delicious soup recipe.  All perfect for a cold Monday in January!

So grab your cup, take a relaxing breath and let’s go!



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Every week at, we start the week with Biblical encouragement, home & hospitality inspiration & a feature recipe! This week's coffee break features a Christmas home tour with the secret to making any home inviting, plus 2 easy Christmas recipes to share!outherndiscourse #coffeebreak