Monday Coffee Break Fall Edition #52 Title Collage

Do you have your coffee cup? I do!

Let’s celebrate the first day of fall together!  Some of you have been dreaming of this day since August, and it’s finally here.  It seems as if fall has decided to saunter in as if it’s in no general hurry at all.  Isn’t that so typical of our autumns here in the South?

I am usually a “season purist,” but even I got carried away with my anticipation this year and fudged just a little.  I’ve already had some pumpkin loaf and a pumpkin cream cold brew from the Starbucks down the street. The lure was just too much!

But now that fall is officially here, there’s nothing holding us back.  We’re more than ready! Bring on all things fall!


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MCB 53 Encouragement Feature

The End of Your Rope Isn’t Where It’s At


MCB 52 Hospitality Feature- Early Fall table

Our Southern Autumn: 3 Tips for Creating an Early Fall Look


MCB 52 Recipe Feature

Celebrate Autumn with a Rustic Pear Galette



Every week at, we slow down a bit and start the week with Biblical encouragement, home & hospitality inspiration & a feature recipe! This week's coffee break features an easy pear pie, tips for creating a rich early fall table and frank talk about why being at the end of your rope is not your best place in God. #southerndiscourse #coffeebreak