Monday Coffee Break Title

Do you have your coffee cup? I do!

Sometimes as a season drags on, we get tired of it and are ready to move on. But instead of rushing into the next season too quickly, maybe what we really need to do is some “fluffing.” You know spruce up the old, breath in a little new life and enjoy where we are right now.

That’s exactly what this week’s Coffee Break is about! I know some of us are having to think about book bags and pencils and back to school parties and teacher gifts, but put one foot outside and you know without a doubt it’s still summer. And to be honest, we still have a ways to go yet here in the South. Our summer months seem to hang on and linger and, well, just do what they like!

So, instead of getting frustrated, how about we do a little fluffing? Yvonne from the ever gorgeous website Stonegable has 5 amazingly simple tips for creating a kitchen vignette to brighten your spirits during these hot days. Her tips also work perfectly for the dining room or coffee table. Why not do a little something to bring joy into your home?

Speaking of joy, there’s just nothing quite as joyful as beating the dog days of summer by surprising your family with a huge helping of Buster Bar Ice Cream Dessert one night after dinner this week! The smiles on their faces will tell you how much they love this rich, gooey frozen dessert.

And last but not least, Amy Weatherly offers some great advice when it comes to friendship. It’s all about building a “U” instead of a circle. Which goes great with our summer challenge! Did you forget? Our goal was to foster solid relationships this summer by making the time to # gettogether with those we care about and even someone new! There’s still lots of time left!


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Monday Coffee Break, a weekly series full of Biblical encouragement, inspiration for easy hospitality and delicious recipes to help us live our lives Proverbs 31 strong. This week's Coffee Break features Amy Weatherly on being inclusive and Yvone Pratt from Stonegable offering 5 tips for creating a kitchen vignette, and last but not least a fabulous recipe for Buster Bar Ice Cream Dessert. #southerndiscourse #friendship #leftout #kitchenvignette #dairyqueen #frozendessert #icecreamdessert