Monday Coffee Break Title Collage

Do you have your coffee cup? I do!

Happy Monday! What a wonderful opportunity we all have to start a new week, full of new possibilities and opportunities. Our week will be what we determine to make it. Circumstances are what they are. There’s no denying that. But we choose our attitudes and outlooks on life. So let’s decide
together, here and now, not to let the tail wag the dog this week!

It might be tough, but we can do it. We might fall, but we’ll help each other get back up. We’re going to make the most of what’s laid before us!

And this week’s Coffee Break is full of just what we need to get a running start:

  • A little Biblical encouragement about decluttering our lives so we don’t feel ragged and worn out, but purposeful and fulfilled.
  • 3 pro tips about why buying your flowers from the farmer’s market and local growers is best. (Your home will look so gorgeous!)
  • And a yummy recipe for a breakfast blackberry grilled cheese!

So grab your cup, and let’s get going!


Click the photos or titles to read more or print a recipe card!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a break with me!


Monday Coffee Break, a weekly series full of Biblical encouragement, inspiration for easy hospitality and delicious recipes to help us live out lives Proverbs 31 strong.  This week's Coffee Break features 3 divine stewardships we are charged with that will help us declutter a busy life, 3 pro reasons you should be buying your flowers at the Farmer's Market and a recipe for french toasted blackberry grilled cheese breakfast sandwiches.  #southerndiscourse #busylife #localgrowers #farmersmarket #frenchtoast #grilledcheese #blackberries