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Do you have your coffee cup? I do!

Welcome to this week’s Coffee Break! This week we are celebrating all things Dad with 2 man-tested and man-approved recipes and a special fun table setting your guy will love more than he will let on!

Fathers are exceptional men. They are willing to take on the tough stuff of family life. They make sacrifices, provide and carry burdens that sometimes we ladies don’t understand. But even with all of that, they also find the time nurture, discipline, fix things and cheer us on along our life paths. Done right, a Dad is a pretty incredible thing.

All dads may not look the same though. Some may look more like uncles, granddads, brothers, neighbors, step dads, foster dads or family friends, but you know who they are.  They are the real men who made a real difference. 

Recently, The Engineer (we’re pretty thankful for him around here) spoke at a men’s meeting about what being a “real man” was all about. Bless his heart, while preparing, he looked high and low and everywhere in between to find a concrete definition, one that would speak without a doubt to the heart of a what “real man” should look like. (He does so love all things definite.)

But you already know he couldn’t find one definition that covered it all, one that everyone agreed on, that pinpointed what made a real man a real man. Nothing definite.

…Until he started looking at the greatest example of a man and His Father this world has ever known. And do you know what he found?

A real man is love. The lay your life aside for others kind of love. A patient and kind kind of love. Not boastful, jealous or arrogant. But a sacrificing your own way so others can flourish kind of love. A love that rejoices in Truth. A love that bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. (1 John 4:8, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

A real man can’t be the real deal on his own, but he can be everything when he follows the example of a Good Father.

And those are the kind of men we are celebrating this Father’s Day. The guys who are laying it all the line and loving their hardest. Even when they’re doing it silently. Even when it’s in the background. Even when it’s tough.

You aren’t unnoticed. Here’s to you, Dads.


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Monday Coffee Break is a weekly series of Biblical encouragement, hospitality inspiration, and delicious recipes!  Join us this week for some Father's Day inspiration!  #southerndiscourse #FathersDay

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