Monday Coffee Break #27- Encouragement, Inspiration & Recipes

Do you have your coffee cup? I do!

As I am sitting here with my hazelnut brew warming my hands, I can’t help but to be truly grateful for all the newness and opportunity that come with the start of every week! Last week might not have been that great. That’s ok. Now that it’s all over, here’s a brand new chance to wipe the slate clean and start again!

What goals and challenges have you set for yourself this week. What have you purposed to do differently so that you’ll have the week you’re destined for?

This morning’s Facebook post said, “It’s Christ living through us that is the secret to victorious Christian living. Not us living for Jesus.”

So, if you’re looking for a great week, the best strategy is to take advantage of those moments where Christ can work through you to heal, bless and encourage those around you instead of just striving to do better at everything.

And this week’s Coffee Break is full of little things that will help you shine your light brightly around your home, with your friends and with your family.

Happy Monday, friends! Let’s start this week together with our lights shining bright! Just click the photos or links to read more!


The words we use when we are talking about our parenting journey to others is important. Be a true encourager this week to both your children and those you talk to about this tough job by embracing what parenting is all about- celebrating the new and letting go.

With that extra hour of daylight and all the Daffodils that are springing up, we can’t help but to be ready for Easter! This woodland Easter tablescape celebrates all the newness this season brings.

Easter dinner on your mind? This is a new dish around our house- garlic Parmesan carrot fries. This fun side dish steals the show with a little crunch and lots of dipping! They also make a great appetizer.

Thanks for slowing down, sipping a cup of your favorite and starting your week off with me!


Monday Coffee Break at Southern Discourse is filled with Biblical Encouragement for everyday living, Inspiration for hospitality & delicious recipes.  This week, enjoy a woodland Easter table, Garlic Parmesan Carrot Fries & a encouragement to out our children in God's hands instead of our own. #southerndiscourse #Easter #spring #parenting #coffeebreak