Monday Coffee Break: Encouragement, Inspiration & Recipes

Do you have your coffee cup? I do!

On the Southern Discourse Facebook page this morning, I posted this quote:

“Let the Spirit of God live through you as He did through Jesus and you will either make people mad or glad, but there will not be indifference”  with the rally :

“It’s a brand new week, let’s leave our mark on it!”

I don’t know about you, but that gets me going. We have the unique chance to make a mark, an impression, an indelible imprint on someone’s life this week. It doesn’t take a lot. And the best place to start is always at home.

This week, make a mark on those who matter most by gathering ’round the table and enjoying Stuffed Chicken Crescent Rolls, brighten your home by using 3 simple steps to arrange fresh flowers, and allow your children to bloom by letting go just a little.

Let’s start our week together! Just click the photos or links to read more!


A bouquet of hot pink and green flowers in a blue vase
3 Simple Secrets to Arranging Flowers

Thanks for slowing down, sipping a cup and starting your week off with me!

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Monday Coffee Break at Southern Discourse is how we start our week together!  Full of Biblical encouragement, hospitality ideas and recipes, Monday Coffee Break is a valuable resource for homemaking.  This week's Coffee break offers encouragement about the trap of overparenting, 3 secrets to flower arranging and a recipe for stuffed chicken crescent rolls! #southerndiscourse #flowers #flowerarranging #crescentrolls #chicken #creamcheese #parenting #overparenting #faith