Monday Coffee Break #20- Encouragement, Inspiration, Recipes

Do you have your coffee cup? I do!

It’s time to take a little break from the Monday morning bustle. We’ve started with a full head of steam this morning, and I just know that you are knocking it out of the park!

Every week is a brand new chance to embrace life and everything that lies in front of us with the enthusiasm and zest that comes from knowing we are overcomers in Christ Jesus! It’s going to be a great week, my friend!

So let’s grab our cups of coffee and jump right in to this week’s Coffee Break. There’s everything from how to make chocolate hearts and a farmhouse wreath to encouragement about one of our nation’s most divisive issues.

There’s always hope when we start our week together.


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Monday Coffee Break: Encouragement/ Abortion- It's Not What You Think

Abortion- It’s Not What You Think So much has happened recently that have had a tremendous impact on the abortion laws and policies in our country. Many of us are grieved. But we are not fighting a losing battle. We just might need to change how we’re fighting.

Monday Coffee Break: Inspiration/ How to Make a Farmhouse Wreath

3 Tips for Making a Farmhouse Wreath We all love that modern farmhouse look! With 3 easy rules of thumb, anybody can pull together a warm and welcoming farmhouse hello for their front door.

Monday Coffee Break 20: Recipes/ How to Make Spicy Chocolate Hearts in 3 Easy Steps

Valentine’s Day is just 3 weeks away! Now, I know we have to get through the Super Bowl first, but there’s no harm in gathering a few ideas here and there! And these little chocolate heart candies are super easy to make using an inexpensive silicon mold and melting chocolate. Spicy Chocolate Hearts in Easy Steps has everything you need to make a fun surprise for those special someones in your life!

That’s it for this week’s Monday Coffee Break. I hope you found something you could use this week or in the weeks to come!

Thanks for stopping by and having a cup with me as we slowed down for just a minute and started our week off right!

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Monday Coffee Break #20- Abortion: It's Not What You Think, How To Make a Farmhouse Wreath & Spicy Chocolate Hearts in 3 Easy Steps- Let's start our week off the right way, together!