Hospitality should be easy!  And creating an environment that is warm and welcoming where guests feel special is what being a good hostess is all about.  This Tuscan-inspired Lemon Centerpiece with a farmhouse feel checks all those boxes.  This stunning centerpiece comes together in just 5 simple steps but will leave your guests talking long after your gathering is over!

2 tiered lemon centerpiece with terra cotta pots

Lemon Centerpiece Scripture

An upclose of the 2 tier lemon centerpiece with terracotta pots and magnolia leaves

Lemons are so fresh and vibrant.  They make a perfect focal point for a variety of get-togethers- backyard parties, special birthdays, showers, ladies events, rehearsal dinners, even weddings!  Not to mention this basic centerpiece could be put together with almost any fruit, flowers or a combination of both.  There’s just no end to the opportunities for using such an versatile and easy centerpiece!

What You Need To Make This Easy Lemon Centerpiece

  • 2 terracotta pots (1 small, 1 medium)
  • 2 terracotta trays (1 medium, 1 large
  • 2- 3lb bags of lemons
  • 20-21 magnolia leaves

Step 1

Lemon Centerpiece Step 1 with large terracotta tray and medium pot.

Begin with a clean, large terracotta tray and a clean medium sized terracotta pot turned upside down in the center.

Step 2

Lemon Centerpiece Step 2- adding magnolia leaves.

Add magnolia leaves.  I like to make 3 groups of 4 to 5 leaves around the bottom of the tray.

Step 3

Lemon Centerpiece Step 3- Add lemons

Add your lemons in groups of threes in the spaces between the groups of leaves.  The lemons should overlap the leaves.

Step 4

Lemon Centerpiece Step 4- Adding 2nd tier

Add the smaller tray on top of the first pot to create a second tier.  Repeat the steps with the leaves and lemons, this time creating just 2 groups of lemons and leaves instead of 3.

Step 5

Lemon Centerpiece Step 5- Adding topper

Place a the second, smaller pot filled with lemons in the center of the second tier.  I like to add another magnolia leaf or two in the pot just for a finishing touch!

An aerial view Lemon Centerpiece

And voila!  That’s all it takes to create this fabulous centerpiece perfect for any table or buffet!  Complete your decor by adding small pots filled with lemons around on other tables or on each side of this centerpiece.  It doesn’t take much to make your guests feel special and your event splendid, but results of good hospitality are never ending!

Other Things You Might Need To Complete This Table

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Pro Tip!

  • After you event is over, you can keep the love and hospitality going for your own home and family by using the lemons to make delicious homemade lemonade!
  • Store your pots for another event or use them to plant a flower or houseplant  to warm up your home!

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