We had TWO winners in December!

SONY DSCLisa Dupree won a set of silver coffee measuring spoons and a yummy southern flavored coffee for being our 500th Facebook follower. Congratulations, Lisa! I hope you have had some quiet mornings sipping delicious coffee while you plan your days.
After only 4 months, we are just 11 Facebook followers shy of 600! Incredible! You guys continue to blow my mind.  Each of you is what makes this a success.  Keep spreading the word!

Steve Smith won our blog subscriber gift basket, “Holiday Picnic.”  I just love Steve.  He has been a loyal ASD reader from the beginning.  He never hesitates to give me feedback, sending me a comment or two just to let me know that he has been reading.  Steve proudly represents ASD’s male contingency. Surprised, you say?  There are quite a few guys who are ASD readers, and I think all of them are awesome!

Don’t stop sharing and subscribing! 2015 holds more inspiring articles, more incredible guest authors, and more fabulous giveaways for A Southern Discourse readers.  Our great conversation has only just begun!