Saturday 7- Coconut Recipes Title Collage

I know I’ve said it before, but some weeks it’s almost impossible to choose just 7 recipes to share with you when there is so much deliciousness out there to enjoy! And this week, as I scoured the internet for 7 perfectly delicious, absolute must-have coconut dishes, turned out to be one of those weeks.

There were poke cakes and pancakes, cookies and lushes, even savory dishes galore. I thought I was going to need a cold compress and some bigger pants. There were just so many good things to choose from!

You can blame it on coconut. Flaked, lightly sweetened, its mild, slightly nutty taste is not only ridiculously good, it’s also really versatile. Plain or toasted, it’s ideal for desserts, drinks, soups, rice and countless others.

But for me? I love it because coconut tastes like pure vacation. A little sand and sun with every bite.

SATURDAY SEVEN: Must-Have Coconut Recipes

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7 absolutely must-have coconut recipes.  From savory to breads to desserts, coconut's light nutty taste is a like a little bit of vacation in every bite! #southerndiscourse #coconutdesserts #coconutbananabread #savorycoconut #pie #cake #fruitsalad