Monday Coffee Break #54 title collage

Do you have your coffee cup?  I do!

It’s time for some sipping and visiting.  It’s our Monday thing around here!  And I can already tell how important it is going to be to have this time with you during the next few months.  You know how it works- as the year winds down, the activities amp up and the schedule gets tight!  So the need for a few minutes to breathe, plan and set some do-able, small goals for our homes, tables and spiritual walks becomes all the more necessary.  I know I couldn’t make it through my week without it!

This week’s Coffee Break focuses are near and dear.  Fall porches are starting to make their debuts around the South.  Take a tour of past porches that we have featured here on Southern Discourse (and get ready for the debut of some new ones).  A fall porch is a wonderful way to welcome the season and all those who pass by and through your home!

Plus, 2 delicious ways to cook up Texas Chili.  Texas Red is my #1 chili recipe!

And last, but not least, in honor of 40 Days for Life, this week’s Encouragement is “Abortion, It’s Not What You Think.”  I went to college in the town where and when Abby Johnson worked for Planned Parenthood.  There was a silent battle that took place every week.  I am sharing one of my close friend/classmate’s story about the closing of that clinic.  There’s so much more to this issue than politics.


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Every week at, we start the week with Biblical encouragement, home & hospitality inspiration & a feature recipe! This week's coffee break features 2 recipes for Texas Chili, fall porch tours to welcome the season and real talk about abortion- it's not a political issue. #southerndiscourse #coffeebreak