Do you have your coffee cup?  I do!

Life is busy.  That’s why I am so glad to have this time with you every Monday morning- to remind us of what’s important for the week, as well as, get a little planning in.  And the best thing?  We’re doing together.

For the past week or so, the idea of margins has really been on my mind.  Creating a life with large margins to be specific.  Extra room, space, time, energy that isn’t booked to the max.  As a doer, I have the tendency to want to use every minute of the day.  But when I pack my days, that doesn’t leave any time for others.  No time for the friend who wants to grab a bite to eat, who needs to talk through a problem, for the stranger I pass who needs my help.  I leave no time for divine appointments.  Only time for the things I think need to be accomplished.

What sorts of wonderful things am I missing out on by not creating margins in my day?  

This week’s Monday Coffee Break is all about decluttering and making time.  I hope you find some margins this week.  I know I will be making some in my schedule.


3 Divine Stewardships To Declutter Your Life   3 priorities to set things straight.


Host a Coffee Get-Together  Casual hospitality should be our goal for a life with healthy margins!


Fall Coffee Bar  with 3 Creamer Recipes   Want to make things fun this fall? Try these 3 homemade coffee creamer recipes, along with an easy how-to for a fall coffee bar!

That’s it for this week’s Monday Coffee Break. Thanks for stopping by and having a cup with me as we slowed down for just a minute and started our week off right!