Do you have your coffee cup? I do!

It’s time to start a new week together! What a way to kick off every week! You just can’t hardly beat a hot cup of coffee (or tea) and good friends. Not to mention all the good stuff I’ve got lined up for us to stroll through as we take this break!

Let’s take a look.


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Sometimes our Christians lives can feel kind of blah. Like nothing is going on or happening. And other times we just feel on fire! What is the deal with that?

There’s no doubt that life has its ups and downs—mountain top experiences and valleys and that sometimes we feel the physical presence of God more than others—but you were never meant to spiritually feel dry as dust, used up, and alone.  You Can Keep Your Desert Season; I’ve Got A Well offers 4 practical insights to experience the fullness of Christ all the time. You weren’t meant for the desert!

No Fuss, All Fun Popcorn Bar is one my most absolute favorite ways to entertain. Talk about casual hospitality at its best! A popcorn bar is low stress hosting, but guests love it. And I mean really love it. What could be more fun that building your own popcorn snack filled with pretzels, nuts, candies, chocolate… and then sitting around nibbling as you visit, watch a movie, or a ball game? (Did someone say Super Bowl?)

And last but not least, our feature recipe for the week. Creamy Tomato Basil Soup is one of those recipes that everyone needs in their back pocket. Easy, easy comfort food, this recipe comes together in 5 minutes on the stove top or can be put together in the crock pot before you go to work in the morning. Toast up some grilled cheeses and you have a perfect homecooked meal that will put a smile on your family’s faces!

That’s it for this week’s Monday Coffee Break. I hope you found something you could use this week or in the week’s to come!

Thanks for stopping by and having a cup with me as we slowed down for just a minute and started our week off right!

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