Welcome to ASD’s 2015 Christmas tour!  This year, we are visiting Brian and Suzanne McCarver’s barn.  But this is no ordinary Christmas stable.  The Barn has been a dream of Brian and Suzanne’s for many years and serves as a cozy get away and gathering place for the McCarvers and their church family and friends.  Built on the property where they hope to one day have a home, Brian and Suzanne focus on re-purposing found materials to make  The Barn a perfect place for all things Christmas.

From the front door all the way to the back, Suzanne’s southern hospitality is on point with plenty of magnolia and cheerful rustic touches.


A large utility spool doubles as game table and an extra eating space.  Red stools give it a punch of festive color that makes it so inviting.

DSC08312 (1)

I love that Suzanne used a magnolia branch at the bottom of this small Christmas tree.  Fresh greenery is an easy and inexpensive way to really bring a lush look to any holiday decor.  Adding the magnolia branch here is a genius alternative to a tree skirt, basket, or bucket.DSC08318 (1)

The barn has two bedrooms and a loft that received their own dose of holiday fun.  Brian fashioned the headboards out of reclaimed lumber and tin from several small outbuildings found on the farm.  Simple garlands, lights, and reindeer bedding are all that’s needed to add holiday charm!



And of course, the centerpiece for any holiday home is the Christmas tree.  The Barn’s tree echoes the rustic coziness of the space.  Suzanne says that decorating the tree is a family affair.  She, Brian, and their two children stuff the tree with woodland creatures and local handmade ornaments.




The sled at the bottom of the tree was another item found on the farm and put to good use.  Suzanne has since learned that the farm used to be a popular local hangout, and several recent visitors have claimed to have actually ridden that sled as teenagers.


Small touches here and there finish off Suzanne’s holiday look- one that is homey, inviting, and livable.  With a little love and imagination, re-purposed materials find a second chance, and the farm once again becomes a memorable gathering place.  Merry Christmas!