basket giveaway winner We posted on the SD Facebook page and in the comments of the “Gift Basket Giveaway” article some time ago that we had a winner for our first Southern Discourse giveaway, but recently I received a picture that I just knew all of you would want to see!  Our winner, Stephanie Atkins of North Richland Hills, TX, sent me this picture of her and the gift basket!  I was thrilled to see Stephanie in her home with all of her new goodies!  Congratulations, Stephanie!  And thank you so much for the picture.

I can’t wait until our next give away.  Can you?  There will be one coming up in October!



A Question about the Southern Discourse Facebook Page

I was recently asked if one could access the Southern Discourse Facebook page even if she did not have a Facebook account.  The answer is yes, you can!  Because the SD page is a public page, it can be viewed with or without a Facebook account.  So even if you are not signed up with Facebook, just by bookmarking this link you can follow all of our Facebook posts and updates.  If you would like to comment or participate on the page; however, a Facebook account is needed.  We hope that what you find on our Facebook page will encourage and inspire you.  We don’t want you to miss a thing!