Guess what?  That’s right!  It’s contest time again!  Guys. Gals. Readers. Seriously.  This gift basket is ahh-mazing!  Possibly, maybe, one of my favorites of all time.  And we’ve done some fabulous ones, right?  I am so excited I am not sure which we should do first, talk about the rules or look at the stuff!  Oh, let’s throw caution to the wind and get wild.  Goodies first, rules second!  Who’s with me?


SONY DSCSONY DSC                                                                                                             The inspiration for this gorgeous giveaway all started when I came across a 18 1/2 inch x 12 inch serving tray.  Made of turquoise melamine with a crackle glaze finish and aged edges, the tray, 11 inch serving bowl, and large serving utensils look just like handmade earthenware.  Between the color, the artisan appeal of “pottery look,” and the durability of melamine for outdoor and indoor entertaining and casual dining, I knew I had to snag these for a lucky ASD winner! 


SONY DSCNo ASD give away is complete without a pair of phenomenal decorative tea towels.  You know the kind I mean, the ones you always admire but rarely if ever buy yourself.  As always, these would lend themselves marvelously to monogramming if such an inclination was to strike or be equally charming just as they are.  Did someone say charming?  Look at those little pom-poms!


SONY DSCLet’s take a peak at some of the little lovelies that fill our basket.  Love mason jars?  Included is a package of 16 guest paper towels/napkins featuring a canning jar filled with herbs, a package of 25 turquoise chevron paper straws, and a set of 4 wooden spoons. 

SONY DSCTurquoise glass is hard to pass up!  Check out this little bud vase.  It hangs by a decorative metal and is adorned with 3 glass beads.  Hang it in any window, on your patio or deck to catch a bit sunlight.  Perfect for showing off buds or growing air plants!

SONY DSCThis cute little fatty is a night light!  Yep!  No need to plug him in; his little light shines through his cut outs and is battery operated.  He turns off and on using a switch hidden neatly on the underside. 


SONY DSCWhat could be more fitting for A Southern Discourse gift basket giveaway than Devotions from the Porch?  I couldn’t believe it when I came across it! The back reads, “There’s nothing quite like a front porch- a place that represents the warmth of home, a simpler pace of life, and a space to welcome others…”  Swoon.  This is my love language!  And as an ASD reader, I know it is yours too!  This book written by Stacy Edwards and published by Thomas Nelson is filled with porch perfect photography and 90 devotions that beckon you to rest a few moments each day with God.

SONY DSCWe’re almost to the end, I promise.  But this giveaway, ya’ll is packed full of so much goodness!  I can’t believe it is all in one gift basket!  Old ceiling tins are just another item that make me do a double take.   Someone had the bright idea to snip out the decorative center and create a wall hanging.  If there were two of these to be had, I would definitely have one.

SONY DSCAlright, this is the last piece.  I had a hard time stopping once I started collecting for this giveaway! (I wasn’t going to mention it, but I mean, it was kinda like our 2 yr. anniversary last week.  This giveaway had to be special!)  The coup de gras here is a turquoise, enamel coated, 5qt colander.  Why store it in the cabinet?  Wouldn’t it be great for storing fruit or other pretties on a counter top or island?


We gotta have’ em.

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