A buffet with paper plates

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I am often asked if I use paper plates when I entertain. The answer is “Of course! Who doesn’t?!”  While I do love dishes (give me all the dishes!) and setting tables with layers of chargers, bowls and all manner of sparkling glassware, I don’t know anyone who gets by these days without the occasional convenience of paper plates.  They are practically a must!

And we are fortunate there is plenty of variety to choose from- prints, patterns, shape, even what they’re made of!  The options are endless.  The quality is good.  And done right, there’s no need to sacrifice a pretty table for the ease of a disposable.

That’s why I’m sharing 3 Tips for Setting a Disposable Table and including some of my current Favorite Go-To’s in Disposable Tableware.  Entertaining should be fun, without a lot of fuss.  So if quick and easy is your jam, find something that’s right for you, get some friends together and put a little special in your week!

Paper plate recommendations for hosting

3 Tips for Setting a Table or Buffet with Paper Plates

1. Serve Your Eats on Real Dishes

Using real dishes and serving pieces that work with the disposable tableware you’ve picked out can ground, or anchor, your table and elevate your buffet serving line. Presentation counts! Go the extra mile to make the food look nice.

2. Incorporate the Pretties

Don’t forget all the things that make your guests feel special!  Add a centerpiece with fresh flowers.  Use a tablecloth or runner to dress the table. Put your paper plates, napkins, utensils in a cute caddy.

3. Look for a style, shape or print that complements the food and/or the occasion.

Whatever you choose, you want your food to look appetizing on the plate.  Think about color (most food looks great on blue!  Why?  I don’t know, but it’s true), durability and size when picking a plate.  Appetizers and desserts usually don’t require as sturdy a plate and can usually still look yummy regardless of a plate’s color or pattern.  But meals are a little more tricky.  Sturdy is a must.  And let’s be honest, spaghetti doesn’t look good on just anything. 

Below are some of my favorites for disposable entertaining.  Just click on the photos to learn more about them.  Hopefully they’ll become some of your favorites too or maybe inspire you to try something new!

Buffalo Plaid Modern Farmhouse



Palm Leaf Plates Disposable Bamboo Plates


Heavyweight Gold Plastic Plates 



Natural Sugarcane Heavy Duty Square Plates


Premium Plastic Hammered Stainless Steel Coated Assorted Cutlery


Bamboo Disposable Wooden Cutlery


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