Lately, life has been difficult. Personally difficult. While there are certainly good days, it seems that things neither I nor my household have ever struggled with before have now become almost regular battles.  It hasn’t been easy.  It has, quite frankly, pretty much stunk.  Big time.

You see, both my husband and I have made big life changes in the past year. We both quit our jobs and started and/or took over businesses.  We also have two teenage children who have suddenly decided to start acting like these eyerollers who breathe giant exasperated huffs and would rather not be inconvenienced.  We sometimes look at these two offspring of ours and wonder who they are because their actions certainly don’t resemble the children we used to know.

There have been uncertainties and unknowns, and we most certainly have NOT been rocking it these last several months. Lord, if anybody can make things harder than they have to be, we can.

And I am a little ashamed because I thought I was a more mature Christian than that. I thought I knew how to tackle challenges.  Tackle challenges like a boss, I might add.  Because challenges, right?  They are my thing.  I thought my MO was to stride right through challenges like a giant, taking long steps.  After all, I know how to pray, how to rest in His promises, how to hear His voice…  So bring it, yeah.  I am prepared for it.  But…

To be honest, dealing with life these days has been more like treading water than taking giant steps. More like a womp, womp and than a woohoo.  It’s been kinda ugly.

Here’s the deal, though.  Even in our failings and flailings and letting our emotions get the best of us (and there has been plenty of that), God is right there, offering peace and assurance.  So, if things haven’t been going stellar for you either, God wants you to look up from your circumstances and see the person He knows that you are.

I want you do something with me because I will be doing this too.  I want you to declare this about yourself and your life.  And I want you to say it every day until it gets down deep inside of you and makes a difference.

I am an heir of salvation.

I am purchased of God.

I am born of His spirit.

I am washed in His blood.

I am at rest.

I am in my Savior.

I am happy and blessed.

I am filled with His goodness.

I am lost in His love.

Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine.

These words, these declarations, these are MY story, the story I choose over my circumstances, over my experiences, over what I see around me. I will praise my Savior all day long.  Hallelujah!

Get serious. Say it until you mean it. You are in charge of your story.  Start writing the right one now.  We’ll do it together.