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Saturday Seven- No Cook Meals

We all have those days when cooking is just not on the menu. Whether it’s too hot, there’s no time or we’re dead on our feet, it’s all the same– our people have to eat, but we wonder how it’s going to happen. Instead of swinging through the drive thru or calling for take out, try one of these crazy easy no-cook or “very little cooking required” meals. They come together in a snap and are so full of flavor, they will soon become your family favorites no matter what the temperature or your schedule is! SATURDAY SEVEN: BEST...

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Creamy Mocha Popsicles

If you loved fudgesicles growing up, you’re going to flip over these rich & creamy Mocha Popsicles.  Bold coffee marries smooth chocolate and celebrates summer on a stick.  There’s nothing better than this cold & refreshing version of a chocolate-y coffee break on a hot afternoon or after dinner! What You Need To Make Creamy Mocha Popsicles strong coffee instant chocolate pudding mix (dark chocolate) milk whipped cream topping It’s no secret that I love coffee.  A daily cup or two is what it’s all about.  I look forward to it.  It makes me happy to hold that cup,...

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Refreshing Strawberry Iced Tea

When the weather heats up, we start looking for delicious ways to cool down.  This refreshing Strawberry Iced Tea does more than just hit the spot on hot days, it’s pure cool enjoyment in a glass. Made with macerated fresh red berries, this easy strawberry tea doesn’t require any simple syrup.   Get ready for a new summer sipper favorite!  What You Need To Make Strawberry Tea: strawberries sugar 4 family-sized tea bags 6 C water strawberries & mint to garnish  What I love about this simple recipe is that it practically makes itself!  Yes, you have to slice the...

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Saturday Seven- Delightful Pineapple Dishes

The pineapple is the southern symbol for gracious living and hospitality.  And oh, how delicious it is!  Tall and sweet, with its pine cone-like exterior and over the top crown, the pineapple is the perfect fruit to dice up, slice up, mix up or cook up & help us enjoy that golden friend we call summer.  SATURDAY SEVEN- Delightful Pineapple Dishes Click the photos or titles to visit each recipe and print a recipe card! Pineapple Pretzel Fluff | Spicy Southern Kitchen Hawaiian Popper Crescent Rolls | Southern Discourse The Best Pineapple Cheese Ball | The Country Cook Pineapple...

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Tuscan Tortellini Salad

There are times when only a fresh, colorful salad will do.  Either as a side dish, light dinner or that much needed “bring a dish to share,” this easy Tuscan Tortellini Salad is always just right!  Bright tomatoes, baby spinach, black olives, Parmesan cheese, mini pepperoni and 3 cheese tortellini are all tossed in a zesty Italian salad dressing for a quick & easy dish that can thrown together ahead of time or enjoyed right in the moment! What You Need To Make Tuscan Tortellini Salad 3 cheese tortellini baby spinach grape tomatoes large black olives mini pepperoni slices...

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Buster Bar Ice Cream Dessert

Loaded with salted peanuts and layer of vanilla ice cream on an easy homemade Oreo crust and topped with the best fudgey chocolate topping you’ve ever tasted, this homemade, family-sized take on Dairy Queen’s Buster Bar is one of those summer treats that is just knock-your-socks off good.   What You Need To Make A Buster Bar Dessert Oreo cookies vanilla ice cream salted peanuts chocolate chips evaporated milk powdered confectioner’s sugar butter I first had this dessert at a Wednesday night church potluck.  That right there is enough to tell you it’s good.  But the story doesn’t stop there. ...

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Saturday Seven- July 4th Cookout Edition

Let’s eat outside! The Fourth of July is upon us, and as we celebrate our independence as a nation, let’s also celebrate our independence from the confines of our homes, get outside in our yards and gather with friends and neighbors to share delicious dishes from the grill! This week’s Saturday Seven is absolutely loaded down with wonderful inspiration for firing up the grill, dicing, chopping, mixing and sharing our fare with others. Of course, we have our regular 7, but I know you’re going to be inspired by the SIX bonus recipes too! There are plenty of reasons...

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Shredded Chicken BBQ Sandwich (Slow Cooker Recipe)

This easy crock pot Shredded BBQ Chicken recipe will have you eating the best tender, melt in your mouth shredded BBQ Chicken Sandwiches all the time!  With a simple homemade Tennessee style BBQ sauce made rich with molasses and strong coffee, this versatile family recipe is sure to become a quick favorite.  Plus, I’ve got instructions for making this comfort food in the oven too.  It just doesn’t get any better than this! What You Need To Make BBQ Shredded Chicken boneless, skinless chicken breasts ketchup strong coffee apple cider vinegar molasses brown sugar minced garlic sweet onion Worcestershire...

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Hawaiian Baked Beans with Pineapple & Bellpepper

It’s time to kick your baked bean game up a notch, and these easy Hawaiian Baked Beans are just what the occasion calls for.  A little sweet, a little salty and just a little spicy, these crazy delicious baked beans are loaded with pineapple, bell peppers, sweet onion and bacon.  Bathed in a thick, rich sauce, this special side dish is a welcome addition to cookouts, barbecues, potlucks, tailgates or just any time plain ol’ boring just won’t do! What You Need To Make Hawaiian Baked Beans pork & beans pineapple tidbits green bellpepper jalapenos yellow onion bacon pieces...

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Saturday Seven- Amazing Peach Recipes

I don’t know if there is a flavor that says Southern summer more than a sweet, juicy peach. And while it doesn’t get much better than enjoying one warm with the sun and right off the tree, there are quite a few jaw dropping peaches dishes that we home cooks can whip right up in our own kitchens. This week’s Saturday Seven celebrates all things peaches with 3 bonus recipes! Enjoy everything from appetizers, drinks, refrigerator jams, chilled soups and (of course) desserts with these amazing recipes. Let’s get to it because summer’s just warming up! SATURDAY SEVEN- AMAZING...

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Tasty Lemon Chicken Salad

Not your average chicken salad recipe, this savory hearty recipe is made with bright, lemony chicken, red bell pepper, chopped black olives, and seasoned with a sprinkle of celery seed.  Delicious on a sandwich, with crackers or just by the forkful, this is one easy recipe that will soon become a family tradition! What You Need To Make Lemon Chicken Salad boneless, skinless chicken breasts red bellpepper chopped black olives lemon juice mayonnaise celery seed salt and pepper There are tons of chicken salad recipes out there.  You can make it with pineapple, grapes, cranberries-all with fruit, all just...

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Sparkling Peach Lemonade

Crisp and refreshing, this simple Sparkling Peach Lemonade is what casual summer hospitality is all about!  Macerated peaches, white cranberry peach juice, freshly squeezed lemons and a hint of sparkle make this quick and easy summer drink one that you will want to keep on hand all summer long. What You Need To Make Sparkling Peach Lemonade White Cranberry Peach Juice Seltzer Water Lemon Juice Sugar or Sweetener Peaches Basil as garnish, if desired A lot of peach lemonade recipes require cooking down the peaches, pureeing them, straining them and then allowing them to cool before making your lemonade. ...

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