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Vintage Southern Charm

It is only fitting that the first spotlight feature on “The Porch” should take place… on my porch. This week’s spotlight is on Amy Washburn of Amy Washburn Photography.  Amy took all of the amazing photos on my Home and About pages.  She is a verifiable wonder worker, and I wanted to invite her over and get to know this artistic talent a little better. Amy is a hometown girl with an easy smile and open manner.  Her genuineness makes even the most timid client feel at ease.  So I was eager to hear the story about how she found her...

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Market Style- Not Your Usual Paper Plates

  We pretty much use paper plates when we have get-togethers around here, especially if we are going to be outdoors.  If you are like me, paper plates are the proverbial go-to because you don’t want to stand around doing dishes all night after playing hostess.  Let’s face it, that whole doing the dishes thing can be a real deterrent if you are going to feed your family plus have any more than 2 guests.   I have used every kind of paper or plastic plate known to man.  But sometimes, I want to do something a little more than just the usual paper plate.  Just a little something out of the ordinary...

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Informed, Not Influenced: Quieting the Noise

Whether or not parents educate their children at home or send them to a public or private school is an intensely private and individual choice.  It should be based on prayer and specific direction, careful research of the options, and reality. Every year, a number of concerned parents ask me whether they should homeschool their children or send them to a private or public school.  Some of these are young parents making first time decisions while others are families who have become dissatisfied with their children’s current educational situations.  All of them want to make the best decisions possible, but...

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What’s This About Mommy Guilt?

It’s difficult to be a parent, to have a relationship, just to be a person in a world with other people sometimes.  We all mess up, do and say things without thinking or out of emotion that we later regret.  It’s just us.  People.  Tattered and torn.  It’s what we sometimes do.  Unfortunately. Sometimes, we get stuck in the regret of our less than perfect moments.  That guilt can hang around in our head as a constant reminder of our failures. As a parent, I think that is particularly true.  If you are a mom, there is even a...

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Nothing Says Outdoor Get-Together Like A Low Country Boil

A low country boil goes by many names– shrimp boil, crawfish boil, crab boil, frogmmore stew, all depending on the ingredients.  It’s a southern low country favorite simmered in rich heritage.  These gatherings conjure images of summer, long-standing traditions, and the joys of close friends and family.  A boil done right isn’t just a meal; it’s an event, replete with the way southerners like their food– hands-on and enough to share. With Labor Day just around the corner, a boil is a great idea for that gathering you should be planning (yes, you should be).  It’s an easy, stress-free way to host a gathering with a...

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