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Monday Coffee Break #41

Do you have your coffee cup? I do! It’s one of those Monday mornings here that is dark and rainy and tries to play tricks with my desire to get anything done. In other words, it feels like my get-up-and-go and has got-up-and-left. Without me. Can there even be enough coffee to get things going around here? It’s mornings like these that leave me thinking about the beach and sunnier days. Oh, the glorious waves and the sun. I am quite sure that my heavenly home is somewhere beach side on the crystal sea! But until then, we will...

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Saturday Seven- Amazing Peach Recipes

I don’t know if there is a flavor that says Southern summer more than a sweet, juicy peach. And while it doesn’t get much better than enjoying one warm with the sun and right off the tree, there are quite a few jaw dropping peaches dishes that we home cooks can whip right up in our own kitchens. This week’s Saturday Seven celebrates all things peaches with 3 bonus recipes! Enjoy everything from appetizers, drinks, refrigerator jams, chilled soups and (of course) desserts with these amazing recipes. Let’s get to it because summer’s just warming up! SATURDAY SEVEN- AMAZING...

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Tasty Lemon Chicken Salad

Not your average chicken salad recipe, this savory hearty recipe is made with bright, lemony chicken, red bell pepper, chopped black olives, and seasoned with a sprinkle of celery seed.  Delicious on a sandwich, with crackers or just by the forkful, this is one easy recipe that will soon become a family tradition! What You Need To Make Lemon Chicken Salad boneless, skinless chicken breasts red bellpepper chopped black olives lemon juice mayonnaise celery seed salt and pepper There are tons of chicken salad recipes out there.  You can make it with pineapple, grapes, cranberries-all with fruit, all just...

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Sparkling Peach Lemonade

Crisp and refreshing, this simple Sparkling Peach Lemonade is what casual summer hospitality is all about!  Macerated peaches, white cranberry peach juice, freshly squeezed lemons and a hint of sparkle make this quick and easy summer drink one that you will want to keep on hand all summer long. What You Need To Make Sparkling Peach Lemonade White Cranberry Peach Juice Seltzer Water Lemon Juice Sugar or Sweetener Peaches Basil as garnish, if desired A lot of peach lemonade recipes require cooking down the peaches, pureeing them, straining them and then allowing them to cool before making your lemonade. ...

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Monday Coffee Break #40

Do you have your coffee cup? I do! Happy Monday! What a wonderful opportunity we all have to start a new week, full of new possibilities and opportunities. Our week will be what we determine to make it. Circumstances are what they are. There’s no denying that. But we choose our attitudes and outlooks on life. So let’s decide together, here and now, not to let the tail wag the dog this week! It might be tough, but we can do it. We might fall, but we’ll help each other get back up. We’re going to make the most...

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